Welcome to Outdoor Food Finland – our platform for all things outdoors and cooking. 

We’re Erika Helme and Lotta Seppä, colleagues who met in a culinary management school. For now we live in the capital region in Finland, but both of us are longing to move into the northern wilderness in the near future. Being outdoors is the best we know and makes us feel alive. Food is, naturally, another passion of ours.

Our food philosophy is mostly plant based. We also put a huge emphasis on seasonal and local produce and overall eco-friendly and nourishing ingredients. A meal prepared from wild, foraiged ingredients from the forest, is the greatest luxury we know.

Want to work with us?

Social media and blog collaborations

Through our instagram account and blog, we can offer exposure to an engaged audience with an interest in food and outdoors. Because sustainability and working with passion is something we deeply care about, we choose to only work with companies that share the same core values.  Do you believe yours represents a product or service that could fit our channels? We’d love to hear more!

Recipe creation

With extensive experience in the restaurant branch, we can create a wide range or interesting delicious recipes for ads, websites, magazines etcetera. We offer recipes alone, but also deliver complete packages with styled photographs.


We provide professional camera equipment, the actual photographer and all the necessary knowledge for a successful shoot. Areas we typically gravitate towards include food, outdoor lifestyle and portraits but don’t let those stop you if you have something completely different in mind. We’re open for discussing ideas!

Courses / Workshops / Catering

Are you looking for someone to hold an outdoor cooking course? How about an outdoor cooking contest for your event? Do you need catering for your party? Let us hear from your ideas!

Don’t be a stranger- shoot us an email or drop a comment if you want to work with us, have a question, something to share or just like (or dislike) what you see. We’d love to hear from you!



Lotta Seppä

+358 449 722 381

Erika Helme

+358 407 779 252

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